First blog post!

March 26th, 2024

And we're live!

I've been taking a stab at trying to get this working for a while now; I wanted to make an entirely new layout compared to the homepage area, but the layout just ended up being about the same lmao. Just different themes. I wanted it to be a bit easier on the eyes for long term reading.

I put these sidebars here but I'm not actually sure what to put in them(?) I thought they'd look nice and added them before really thinking lol. Maybe I'll just add some GIFs and images that have the same feel as the post I'm writing.

Now that this is (mostly) working, I've got most of the main pages I wanted to make done. Just the news area and a shrine I've wanted to make, though the ladder will take a bit. I've always loved when websites have seemingly bottomless pages to go through; Getting lost in them is really fun. Maybe I'll take a break from the more function-over-form areas and just make some silly pages.

I'll probably use this blog to write about video game related things. I have a Tumblr blog (that I haven't updated in months) dedicated to the Nintendo Wars series that I would post my findings related to the series on. Staying up late going through The Wayback Machine and looking through scans of old magazines is something I've been missing lately, but Tumblr has just been getting worse and worse as time continues. Here would be a good place to do my essays. (Plus I get more customization >:)! )

Not completely sure what else to write for this one, so I'll just wrap it up here.

Pinky out!