BREAKING NEWS: Google stock falls by 99%! Crashing and burning! | Nintendo to release new game 'Mario Kart 9' sometime within the next 2 decades | New Advance Wars game to release next month, world terrified. | ABC for 3 men (and Ethan) | BREAKING NEWS: Schezo Wegey Decapitated! | 1998s smash flop "Super Famicom Wars" to be re-released never | WEATHER: A brisk 72* Kelvin, wind coming from 370* at 500 knots. Air pressure of 100. Scattered clouds at 500ft, broken ceiling at 2000ft. Expect rain within the next half hour | Random soldier #3264738236 after going missing in woods for months comes back with deer motif. "He's got sticks for antlers" sources say | This last Splatoon 3 splatfest won by team Shiver for the 587487th time in a row |

Welcome to my Website!

Traditionally done drawing of a chibi style soldier holding a firearm over his shoulder.

Welcome to my site! I'm working on making things functional RN, but things will hopefully be fully up and running soon!

Many current assets are temporary, but more permenant ones are in the works!

I might add a blog, maybe a news page, hmm... still need to figure out some fundamentals of what I want. I'm still figuring out what's the usual on Neocities!

Please be patient as I update!

My Profile!
A stamp that reads 'Wii owner'  A stamp that reads '3DS owner' A stamp GIF of some inklings from the Splatoon series using weapons found in-game. A stamp of Jerma985 holding up an iced coffee from Dunkin Donust and pointing at the camera while smiling. A stamp of an ammonite fossil that reads 'I love ammonites' A stamp of the Windows 7 default background with text that reads 'Windows 7' under the Windows logo. A stamp of an old computer with a heart displayed on the monitor. A stamp that reads 'I love MS Paint' A stamp with 3d spinning text that reads 'DELETE SYSTEM 32' A rainbow colored divider that drips like liquid


- Remade "About Me" page
- Remade "Blog Index" page
- Remade "Cool Sites" page
- Started work on Nintendo Wars shrine
- Made gallery somewhat mobile friendly using media queries
- resized images in gallery
- added alt text to some images
- You can now see higher quality versions of the artwork from the gallery by clicking on the images
- Image descriptions in gallery will now say if art if original or fan art
- Blog is up and running!
- Reformatted sitemap from paragraph to list
- News page is up and running!
- Added "Shrine Index"
- Added drawing of me to "About Me" page
- Added news scroll
- Added Billy Gates Callout
- Added ALT text to some images that didn't have any
- Reformatted some MORE internal CSS.
- Added "Sitemap"
- Added used resources and tutorials to "Cool Sites"
- Changed background behind tiles to permenant image
- Added "Blog (Index)"
- Updated background of landing page/index.html
- Started work on blog post layout
- Added "Cool Sites"
- Started work on blog.
- Reformatted some internal CSS.
- Added new image to gallery.
- Added clock.
- Added "About Me"
- Continued work on Gallery, it's officially up and running! just a little empty.
- Changed main image on front page from "John_Crop.png" to "soldiersmall.png"
- Moved "John_Crop.png" to right sidebar.
- Changed update log from paragragh to description list.
- Made button.
- Added update window!

To Do List

  • [0] Change background behind tiles to permenant image
  • [...] Finish the Gallery
  • [0] Add "About Me"
  • [0] Add "Blog"
  • [0] Add "News"
  • Figure out how to loop stamp marquee without having a gap between stamps at the end
  • [0] Make button for site
  • Make custom stamps
  • [...] Make shrine
  • Make custom cursor
  • [0] Make "Cool Sites"
  • [...] Add callouts
  • [0] Make sitemap

I have so many cool drawings,

But they're all on receipts!

Image of the week

Image of a moai head smoking a blunt.
GIF of Castiel from the show 'Supernatural' going to superhell with text that says 'Castiel going to superhell so Narumitsu can be canon'

Created Febuary 28th, 2024