BREAKING NEWS: Google stock falls by 99%! Crashing and burning! | WEATHER: A brisk 72* Kelvin, wind coming from 370* at 500 knots Air pressure of 100. Scattered clouds at 500ft, broken ceiling at 2000ft Expect rain within the next half hour | Nintendo to release new game 'Mario Kart 9' sometime within the next 2 decades | New Advance Wars game to release next month, world terrified. | ABC for 3 men |


Traditionally done drawing of a chibi style soldier holding a firearm over his shoulder. He's smiling with his mouth open and looking somewhere up to the right. GIF of Castiel from the show 'Supernatural' going to superhell with text that says 'Castiel going to superhell so Narumitsu can be canon'

Created Febuary 28th, 2024