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About Me!

Hello! My name is Pinky, also sometimes refered to as Llama.

I've been an artist since ~2017, mostly doing traditional art, but I've also done digital quite a bit!

When I draw traditionally, I mainly use alcohol markers and paint pens, but really use whatever I can get my hands on. Anything from ballpoint pens to crayons to gouache to stickers and way too many other things to list. I usually can fill an entire sketchbook in ~3 months!

Digitally, it's a bit more coherent. I've consistantly used MS Paint for pretty much all of it. Sometimes adding in Paint 3D for some of it's brushes and doodling in IBIS Paint a bit, But MS Paint with a mouse is my go to.

As for things that I enjoy, I really like Splatoon and Advance Wars! Super Famicom Wars is my personal favorite of the AW bunch and I have talked endlessly about it before. I also just enjoy military stuff in general.

Please do not refer to me by they/them pronouns! I prefer she/her or he/him.

I hope you enjoy my page!

Created Febuary 28th, 2024